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There are many if not more thoughtful choices involved in choosing meat and confusing terms and names to go with them.  Choice or Prime? No roll and Select? Imported or domestic?  Grass-Fed, Grain-Fed or Pasture-Raised?  Hormone-and-antibiotic free?  There are numerous ways to go.  Our knowledgeable team is here to help.  Don't be afraid to request information and ask plenty of questions.  We work for you.

Our transnational strategy represents product that meets the highest industrial standards.  Equally important, we utilize a flexible responsive supply chain to cooperate with a multiple domestic and international suppliers to develop high levels of efficiency and timely customer delivery through effective scheduling.

Our service is effective, our operations are efficient with minimal overhead cost keeping our prices low.  These attributes combined with our vast network of suppliers means speed and reliable delivery which lets you avoid costly alternatives.  You'll see it in your bottom line.


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