Craig Trading is here to simplify the buying processor for you.  As our client you will appericate customized offers just for you.  No large product list to scroll through to find products, no confusing abbreviations, no wasting your time with irrelevant sales or high prices.  We offer plain and simple descriptions of the product you need at prices delivered just for you.  To get started, send us an email to​


Let us know the product(s) you are interested in purchasing, quantity, product specifications (fat trim, quality grade, etc.), packing specification, time and location you want to take possession of the product.  We will respond promptly with a offer priced per pound.  You can buy, bid or pass.  We will use your purchase order number to put together a detailed sale confirmation stating our promise to deliver the exact product you require for the time period you are taking delivery.


​A complete record of each shipment will be presented with our request for payment.  If it is your first time buying from us, we offer open terms once you complete our credit application.  Typical open payment terms are 14 days from arrival, but we are able to work with you to shorten or extend these terms if needed.


Murrysville, Pennsylvania 15668

United States


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9am-5pm EST

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