Our guarantee of value, quality and safety. 

In beef, as in any product, the more you get for your money, the better the value.  With Craig Trading, you get it all.  The beef we provide conforms to the highest meat safety standards and use of HACCP systems.  Our consistent and accurate chemical lean representation assures you of a smoother-running operation with fewer stops and starts. 

Boneless Beef Trimmings

Beef trimmings may be prepared from any portion of the carcass, unless otherwise noted, e.g. 90% shank, 85% cow fore and 85% chuck, which yields product that meets end item requirements.  Visual or chemical lean content must be specified.  All objectionable material shall be removed.  Ground product is not permitted.

Unless otherwise specified by the purchaser, trimmings derived from automatic deboning machines and advance lean retrieval systems shall be excluded.  Packaging options include polythene-lined board cartons, polythene-free wax-lined cartons or 2,000 pound combo bins.  Most are packed to a standard weight 60 pound cartons.


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Primal Cuts

Beef cuts may be prepared to a number of different purchaser specified options including, among others, quality grade, state of refrigeration, fat limitation measurements, packaging and processing instructions.  For more information and options please contact us.

Religious slaughter is available to meet halal beef and kosher beef dietary laws.

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Offal / Variety Meats / Co-Product

Beef Offal/Variety Meats may be produced from steers or cows.  The difference being the size and fat trim.  The specification for each item is unique.  We will be sure to provide the exact product you require.


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